Welcome to Sonoff Bangladesh

Sonoff is the worlds leading IoT and Home Automation Smart Switch manufacturer Based in Shenzhen, China. In Bangladesh BDSHOP.COM is the official Sole Distributor of Sonoff Products for Retail, Wholesale and After Sales Support for all Sonoff Products.


Why buy from the Authorized Distributor?

There are plenty of reasons and facts you should consider before buying Sonoff Smart Switches. Here are few facts that you may consider-

  • Authentic Products at affordable price
  • Warranty and After Sales Support
  • Technical Support
  • Free Consultancy
  • Wholesale price for bulk quantity
  • Corporate deals for your requirements


If you are a retail buyer, you should consider the price and for after sales support. Because you will get 6 months warranty support when you buy from BDSHOP.COM or from our listed dealers.

If you are interested to become a dealer for wholesale purchase, please contact us here.




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