Sonoff Basic now available in Bangladesh. Sonoff Basic is widely known as the most simplest WiFi Switch for all-purpose use. If you are planning to make your home smart with small invest, then Sonoff Basic is the best device to start. You can connect and configure this wifi Switch to control from your smartphone seamlessly.

With a very cheap price, this device is able to control most of the lights, Fan, TV, Laptop Charger or mobile charger and other appliances within 2000 watts. You can Turn ON/OFF with your smartphone from anywhere of the world as long as you have internet on your phone and the device is under WiFi network.

Not only from a smartphone, but this cheap product also can be controlled form Google Home / Home mini or with Amazon Alexa Echo / Echo Dot devices with voice command. Controlling anything with your own voice is super exciting- Isn’t it?


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