How to control a Ceiling Fan with Sonoff Smart Switch?

If you wish to control & Schedule any Ceiling fan with your smartphone, then There are two option we have for this purpose.

  • Option One:

You can use Sonoff Basic or other Switches if you just need to ON/OFF the fan. It will work just fine to Turn ON/Turn it OFF as like other loads. You can also schedule and use timer feature to control your Fan. But you Can’t Control the speed of the fan in this option.

  • Option two:

In this option, we have a special Switch for this- Sonoff iFan. It’s specially designed for a Ceiling fan. This WiFi Switch can control the fan speed as well as “Low, Medium & High”. Besides that, if you have a modern Ceiling Fan with LED light, you can also control the LED light with this WiFi Switch. This Ceiling Fan Control WiFi Switch is known as iFan and now we have its 2nd generation iFan 2 in Stock.

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