This is another innovative and very useful innovation from Sonoff. This switch is compatible with Standard Square shape (Sometimes known as, MK Board). You don’t need to break wall or don’t need to make any new whole to adjust this new Switch Pannel. You can use this switch panel just like your previous switch baord– This just make your home smart.

Old Switch (Tumbler Switch)

The above switch is well known for home or for office use. This switch was very popular at the end of 1970-1995. It was made with Asbestos and copper metal.

2nd Generation of Electric Switch

The above switches got popularity for the better look and compact is size. This switches was easy to fit in panel and it took less space than previous tumbler switches.

Recent and Popular Switch Panel board

The above switch panel board is currently widely using all over the world at home or at the office. With durable build quality and small form factor, this switch becomes very popular in recent days. 

But that’s not the end. Users expect more comfort with better control. Due to the rapid expansion of Broadband internet around the world and due to the expectation of smartphone- users demand to control the switches with their schedule and want to do even more.

SONOFF Smart Switch Panel

So, here we come with the latest innovation of WiFi smart switches. It’s small in size, very elegant looks and most importantly- it’s more than the expection. It’s comes with scedule, Timer, Smart Scene and sharing option with others. Ultimately, this is the dream switch that makes your luxurious home into a smart home.

You can control your home fan, light or other appliances with your own voice commands if you have a Google Home or Google Home mini or Amazon Alexa Echo Dot. There is so much more to come in the coming days.

There are Three variations on this Panel Switchboard. It comes with 1 Gang/Channel, 2 Gang/Channel, and 3 Gang/Channel variations. You can choose according to your needs.

Buy Sonoff T1 UK 3 Gang Switch Board from here or you may choose Sonoff T1 UK 2 Gang WiFi Switch online in Bangladesh.

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